Benefits of Traveling: Why traveling is important to you

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Mathew Karsten rightly said, “Investment in travel is an investment in yourself”. Each time you travel you add something valuable to your life. You understand yourself and the world a little better. Traveling makes you humble. You realize how tiny a place you have in this whole wide world.
Whether it’s a 3-hour ride to the beach near your town or a long trip to someplace across the sea, It is important every once in a while to get out of your routine and travel. Time and again many great personalities have given up their luxuries to travel and discover life.
There are like a million reasons to travel and make it mandatory to take a break once in a while. Sometimes you get so caught by the routine and monotonous patterns in life you forget that the basic purpose of living is to live. You get so busy understanding projects and meeting deadlines that you forget who you are. To accomplish the purpose of life and understanding yourself, you need to travel.
The world is so big and we hold such a tiny place. When you travel you get to know about the cultural, economic and climatic conditions of various places. You can travel alone or in a group. You can visit a bustling city or a remote town. You can see mountains or beaches. Each type of travel has its significance and impacts your life in different ways. Let us look into each of them individually.

Traveling alone:

We are always among people and often we behave according to the situations around us and forget who we are. We try to impress everybody around us and in this process, we slowly lose our originality. Losing yourself is one of the scariest things according to me. There’s no point in living if you do not have an identity of yours.
Traveling alone is the best way to find yourself. When you go to a new place amongst new people you don’t have to pretend to be someone else. You don’t have to meet their expectations. You can be yourself. You discover so many things about yourself. You get time to contemplate and think for yourself without any pressure.
So next time you feel caught up and you feel like you can not deal with the pressures of the people around you. Pack your bags and take the flight/train/bus. You can figure out the rest along the way.

Traveling with a group:

As important as it is to travel alone, it is also important for you to travel with a group. When you travel in a group you learn a million new things about each other and in general about human behavior. Traveling with a group is a fun activity. You might have seen groups having fun and screaming at the top of their voices. That might be annoying to the spectators but while you are a member of that group you will know how much fun it is.
Good company makes the journey a hundred times better and you will make a thousand new memories. Whether it’s your family, your cousins, your friends or your colleagues, traveling together will make your bond stronger and you will understand each other a lot better. So plan the trip and get ready to rock the world with your squad.

Whether it is group travel or whether you are traveling alone. There are a few advantages of traveling that you cannot ignore. Some of them are:

  1. Gives a new perspective: Travelling changes the way you think. You evolve as a person and start to see things from a different point of view. You value things a lot more. You get close to nature and experience a lot of different things. It changes your perspective and you start thinking out of the box.
  2. You can experience different cuisines: when you visit different places you can try different cuisines. Every place has its authentic cuisine and a variety of foods. Even when you are traveling in the same country and the cuisine is the same every place will have its taste.
  3. You can meet a lot of new people: The more people you meet, the more you understand life. While traveling you can meet people from different places of different mentalities. Even if you learn one thing from one person at the end of the trip you will have a handful of good lessons. Also maybe you can make a few friends from across the globe.

4. Connects you to nature: My personal favorite travel is to the places less discovered. There is no better place than among the mountains or amidst a sea or under a waterfall. When you let yourself close to nature you understand how meager your existence is. How the universe is so big and how insignificant your problems are. The closer you get to nature the better you understand everything else. When you trek to the highest peak of a mountain and let the fear sink in, believe me, there is no better feeling than that cool breeze caressing your soul.

5. Vast cultural experiences: Every place has its own culture and traditions. A wide variety of clothes, culture, festivals, languages can be learned and experienced during traveling. Every city, every village and every place has its authentic cultural significance.

6. Rich historical knowledge: If history interests you then traveling is the best option for you. Wouldn’t you prefer visiting the great historical places all by yourself rather than just reading about them in books?

7. Peace of mind: If you are too caught up and stressed with your routine life traveling gives you the necessary breaks. It rejuvenates your soul and replenishes your energy. It is the necessary detoxification for your body, soul, and mind. It gives you peace and a new outlook. It takes away the stress which builds up due to the routine, monotonous life. It is the charger to your drained soul.

8. It heals: My favorite benefit of traveling is that it heals your soul. It heals the wounds of separation, anxiety and any other thing that has negatively affected your life. Many people also claim that traveling helps them overcome depression and combat stress. It heals you in the best possible way.

Besides the above-mentioned benefits, traveling has a lot more good impacts on your life. It helps you develop a deeper sense of understanding and takes away all your stress. Travelling works wonders for broken hearts and injured souls. It helps you develop empathy and compassion towards others and yourself. Every time you travel you learn something new about yourself. In short, traveling makes you a better person, a better you.

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