Instagram New Anti-Bullying Feature Called RESTRICT MODE

In July, Instagram began its work on the “Restricting” feature. They aimed at enabling users to avoid unwanted interactions with other users, even without those users knowing. This feature is specially added to combat the increasing number of cyberbullying as well as to protect one’s account and their privacy as well. The news of releasing […]

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A Detailed Comparison Between Airpods Pro and Airpods 2

After launching the new iphone11 Pro, Apple launched its third generation wireless earbuds ‘Airpods pro’ on last Tuesday. The new Airpods pro comes with a new fresh design and with some best features like active noise cancellation and a smaller wireless charging case. But Siri functionalities are the same in both Airpods Pro and Airpods […]

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Network Segmentation – Configuration, Advantages, Importance

What is Network Segmentation? A network segment is a synonym for LAN: It is a set of computers (computers and peripherals) connected in a network. The LAN network of an organization can be made up of multiple network segments connected to the main local area network, so the segments can communicate with each other forming […]

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