Why 97% Engineering Students Are Not Getting The Job They Dream For?

Do you know every year almost 1.5 million engineering students get graduated in India? According to a survey conducted by Aspiring Minds, (an employment solution company based in Delhi) only 7% students posses the skills to get employed by software and IT companies. Other 93% students remain unemployed due to lack of required capabilities as data states. As a consequence, majority of the engineering students are not getting the jobs they want. Several debates upon the factors responsible for this situation do exist. In this blog, we’ll not only highlight such factors but also suggest possible solutions. So, let’s begin!

Reasons Behind This Unemployment Problem

In this section, we’re going to find out why most engineering students are getting rejected by top IT and software companies.

Reason.1 Incapability to crack the interview

Outmoded academic curriculum, exam culture and old-school teaching techniques are compelling the engineering students to depend on rote learning. As a result, their basics are not clear. It’s all about completing the syllabus, CGPA and class notes. This leads to the following problems.

• Poor aptitude

In current education system, there is hardly any scope for the students to improve their aptitude skills. Unfortunately, the first round of the interviews conducted by most MNCs is aptitude test. Here, majority of the students get rejected due to their poor aptitude skills.

• Weak communication

Another issue that many engineering students are facing in the interview is lack of soft skills. A major importance is given to these skills in the present job market. Again this aspect is ignored in current academic curriculum followed by most engineering institutes in India.

Real-life example: Suppose a student somehow manages to crack the aptitude round and goes for the face-to-face interview. His communication skill is so poor that he fumbles while giving his self-introductory speech. As a result, he’ll definitely get rejected.

Reason.2 Syllabus is not enough

Syllabus followed by the engineering institutes in India is designed in such a way that there is no focus on projects, research and entrepreneurship and the main stress is given on theoretical learning. Most of the students don’t know how to apply the theories in real life world. So, in other words, their practical application skill is very poor

Real-life example: Interviewers generally ask about the practical implementation of theories and formulas. As usual, most of the engineering students fail to answer as they don’t have sufficient knowledge in this aspect.

Reason.3 Technical skills do not match industry standard

Most importantly, technical skills of the engineering students do not match the industry standard. They are not aware with the latest and revolutionary technologies including Codeigniter, Laravel, CCNA, AngulaJS, Dot.net, Symfony, NodeJS, etc. They even don’t know how to work on live server.

Real-life example: In technical rounds, students are asked to work on live servers and to develop or design websites by using latest technologies. They again fail as they have never dealt with such tasks.

What is the solution ?

Though it’s quite frustrating, we’ve good news for you. We’ve come up with solution. Yes, this problem can be solved and the only way out is industrial training.

Engineering students who really want to get placed in good IT and software companies should enroll for industrial training programs provided by top MNCs. Here’s how they can overcome all their weaknesses through such programs.

• They can gain first-hand experience and become familiar with real-life office environment
• They can improve their soft skills by communicating with other professionals
• They can get to work with next-generation revolutionary technologies. In that way, they can become technologically sound
• They can work on live server and update themselves according to the industry standards
• They can learn many new things from senior web developers and project managers
• They can build strong professional network with MNC clients
• They can get placed in the company itself if they perform their best

So, if you are an engineering student, you should register for such programs. Become more confident and competent to get your dream job.

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