Grab The Golden Chance To Complete Your Major/Minor Project From An IT Company

“Every project is an opportunity to learn, to figure out problems, and challenges, to invent and reinvent.” -------- David Rockwell (American architect)

Learning theories, mugging up hard-to-remember formulas and reciting out all the facts have become old-school now. Today’s education system is much more advanced. Current academic curriculum mainly focuses on practical based learning. Students are assigned various types of projects and assignments in order to enhance their skills including problem solving, team work, time management, research gathering, using high tech tools and information synthesizing. Most importantly, such practical tasks carry lot of marks. Especially those who are studying BCA, MCA or B.Tech have minor and major projects in their final semester. It has been found out that most of them suffer from the dilemma whether to complete their projects from a private institution or an IT company. Do you also have this confusion? Then you should read the entire blog. All your doubts will be resolved.

After conducting many surveys, we’ve reached the conclusion: students should complete their minor or major projects from IT companies rather than private institutions. All the reasons are listed here. Go through!

1. First-hand experience

Experience adds that X factor to your CV. If you complete your minor or major project from a private institution, you’re not going to earn real life experience. So, the best option is to choose IT companies where you can get first-hand experience. They will let you work in live projects and server so that you easily get accustomed with practical things and technologies which you have to deal with entire your career.

2. Getting acquainted with next-generation revolutionary technologies

If you do your minor or major projects from IT companies, you’ll get the opportunity to work on latest and revolutionary technologies including Laravel, AngularJS, ReactJS, Codeigniter, CCNA, NodeJS, Symfony,, Ruby on Rails and many more. So, make the right choice by choosing IT companies over private institutions and enhance your technical skills.

3. Work with industry experts

You can get to work with professional web developers and designers in an IT company. You can learn a lot of new technical concepts from them. They will explain everything to you practically so that you become more competent. You’re not going to get this opportunity from private institutions which still depend on old-school methods. It’s your life and you know what is right for you.

4. Enhancement of management skills

If you wish to get recruited by one of the recognized IT companies, you need to upgrade your management skills. The only way to do it is to complete your minor or major project from a professional IT company. Your leadership, communication and problem-solving skills will also be enhanced. So, ditch private institutions when it comes to your major or minor projects.

5. Become familiar with formal environment

If you accomplish your minor or major projects from IT companies, you will get an idea about formal environment and how an organization operates. It will help you in future to cope with office environment. So, instead of private institutions choose IT companies for doing your minor or major projects.

6. Certificates are necessary

Most importantly, you’ll get a certificate if you accomplish your minor or major project from an IT company. Certificates add a cutting-edge to your profile. If you want to reach the pinnacle of success, you should go for IT companies.

7. Build professional network

Doing major or minor projects from an IT company is beneficial for you in all aspect. You will get to know about other renowned IT companies. You will meet many clients. This will help you grow your professional network.

8. Hiring by the company itself

If you perform well and have enough capabilities, there is a chance that you will get hired by the company itself after completion of your study. Of course, you don’t want to miss this golden opportunity. So, don’t think too much. You know what the best option is. Go, find a good IT company and complete your major or minor project. Best of luck!

Which IT company is best for you?

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