Why Software Development Companies Are Far Better Than Institutions In Terms Of Providing Industrial Training?

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” ---- Confucius

According to the most educationists and psychologists, human cognitive system is wired in such a way that it retains practical knowledge more than theoretical. Industrial trainings and internships are the best way to acquire empirical knowledge. On the other hand, there is a fierce competition in the job market. Gone are those days when talent was judged on the basis of marks. These days, of course, good academic record is a major factor but top recruiters are also looking for experience. Freshers can gain experience only by doing industrial trainings. Do you want to get hired by one of the leading multinational companies? Then you should enroll yourself to such programs or trainings. Now, here comes the main concern. Various private institutions and software development companies provide such trainings. The question is from where you should get industrial training. This blog is going to clarify all the myths.

But first, let’s look at the advantages of industrial training.

• You can gain first-hand experience as a professional
• You can enhance your technical, communication and interpersonal skill
• You can get an idea about your strengths and weaknesses
• You can give your Resume an edge in the present job market

In short, you can groom yourself overall and become more competent.

Software Development Companies vs. Private Institutions:

Different people have different opinions when it comes to the debate: whether you should acquire industrial training from software development companies or private institutions. We have conducted many surveys in the job market and interviewed candidates who are currently working for top MNCs to find out the truth. We’ve come up with the conclusion: Software development companies are far better than private institutions in terms of providing industrial trainings and internship programs. The reasons are here. Take a look!

1. Industry standard training

It has been noticed that private institutions can never match industry standards in terms of providing trainings. They do not have required infrastructure as well. On the other hand, software development companies definitely win in this parameter. They are far better in terms of infrastructure too. Most importantly, employment percentage of the students who have done their industrial trainings from software companies is much higher than those from private institutions.

2. Authenticity of the software

It’s true that private institutions do not use original software. So, getting industrial training from these institutions is not a wise choice at all.
Differently, software development companies always use original software for providing training so that students can gain real life experience. So, in this respect, software development companies again excel.

3. Working on live server

When it comes to working on live server software development companies definitely beat private institutions. Only companies will give you the opportunity to work on live server and learn A-Z of software and website development. So, you know what is better for you.

4. Training by industry experts

In software development companies, the trainings are provided by experienced developers and project managers who are adept with each and every aspect of the industry. You’ll get to lot of new and valuable things from them. Obviously, you won’t get this opportunity if you get training from an institution.

5. Network with MNC clients

If you take industrial training from a software development company, you can get to work with MNC clients. This is a golden opportunity to build your professional network. You can become familiar with the environment of an organization. You can develop leadership skills.
On the other hand, you won’t get such perks if you enroll yourself to a private institution for industrial training. Of course, you don’t want this.

6. Getting placement

You will definitely get placement after completion of the training if you choose a software development company. Software development companies have tie-ups with multiple renowned MNCs. Even you can get hired by the company itself, if you performance is impressive.
On the contrary, there is no chance of such facility if you complete industrial training from a private institution.

7. Justified Fee

Private institutions will charge you a lot. Their fees are very high. But they won’t give you any extra benefit apart from providing the training.
Diversely, the fees of training programs provided by the software development companies are justified. They will also provide you lots of facilities.

8. No false commitment

Private institutions will make many commitments to convince you. But they will fail to fulfill any one of them. But software development companies never make false commitment. They keep all the promises they make. They won’t let you down.

9. Working with the latest and revolutionary technology

If you choose to complete industrial training from a software development company, you can get to work with the most updated and revolutionary technology. This will help you become acquainted with current trends of the respective industry.
Contrarily, you won’t get this facility from private institutions. So, do what’s better for you.

10. Running project management

Software development companies will help you get an insight into how to run project management. You can get to work in real-life situation. It will enhance your skills. As usual, private institutions cannot provide such facility.
So, all the truths are revealed. If you really want to explore new career paths and become a part of a top MNC, then enrolling yourself to the industrial trainings provided by software development companies is the best option for you. Don’t waste your money on private institutions. Make the right choice now!

Which software development company provides the best industrial training?

The answer is Optimega Technologies Pvt. Limited. We have been providing prospective industrial training and internship programs for last many years. We are backed by an experienced team of professional developers and designers who are well-acquainted with all the latest technologies. They have excellent teaching skills. Students who have done industrial training with us are now working for top companies. We are tied-up with recognized MNCs. We guarantee 100% placement.

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